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Joel Embiid wants King James in Philly!

Joel Embiid is trying to recruit Lebron James to the Sixers or he’s  just looking for attention on Twitter. The Sixers have plenty of salary cap space with an estimated $30 million. Lebron James is seeking $22 million annually which the Sixers could do. Do the Sixers really want to win the next couple of years or they just looking for better draft picks in the NBA Draft?

Desean Jackson at the BET Awards and still may have gang ties

Desean Jackson is keeping busy lately with his party life. Jackson still tweets and takes Instagram photos since signing with the Washington Redskins (or whatever the team name will be in the future). You can change teams but you can’t change the man.jackson

As reported by “Report: DeSean Jackson still associates with gang


Back in March, an explosive report from alleged that DeSean Jackson has gang connections. Hours after the report came out, Jackson was cut by the Eagles and he would later release a statement saying that he’s “never been part of any gang.”

In an interview with ESPN the Magazine this week, Jackson reiterated that he’s never been in a gang, but he admitted that he still associates with gang members.

From the article:

Here is what DeSean Jackson will say about the gang rumors: Does he know people in gangs? Yes. Does he associate with “certain people” from time to time? Yes. Is he in a gang himself? No, nor has he ever been.

Part of the report revolved around a quote from a Los Angeles detective who said that Jackson flashed a gang sign during an Eagles game against the Redskins last year.

“Those were neighborhood Crip gang signs and he flashed them during a game. He may not be affiliated with the gang, but they don’t [ordinarily] take kindly to those not in the gang throwing up those gang signs,” the detective said.

And here is Jackson doing just that during the Redskins game. Maybe he will throw Philly a gang sign or two.



You can be the most talented player on the Eagles and still be replaced. If you’re not down with Chip Kelly and his system you will be replaced. It’s that simple. The Eagles need to be focused on getting to the playoffs and possibly a Super Bowl. This will be a problem for the Redskins. I’m going to predict that Jackson will only last one season with the Redskins.






Joel Embiid’s real reaction to Sixer’s 3rd pick?

Who knows if Embiid was happy with becoming a Sixer. It’s funny that after the fact this tweet was posted. I thought his speech was wishy-washy. He barely knew what to say and looked really suprised when he was selected. Maybe their was a time delay. We will see on the court what he can do and thats all that really matters to me anyway.

Scott Hartnell says “Thank You Philly!”

Scott Hartnell was traded to the Blue Jackets on Monday for R.J. Umberger. Ron Hextall seems to be clearing house in the front office. Ron Hextall asked Hartnell’s agent Dean Grillo to waive his no-movement clause with the thought that Philadelphia didn’t want him any longer. Despite leaving on bad terms in Philadelphia, Scott Hartnell is a true Flyer for life in my mind. Hartnell will always have a love for Philadelphia even if he got a kick in the ass.


Ken Giles called up to Philadelphia and will be available

As reported by sources, Ken Giles will be available for Sunday’s game against the Reds. The fans finally got what they wanted to see happen in Philly. I hope that Ken Giles performs if given the opportunity.